Google’s Pixel Fold Is Repairable With the Help of iFixit

Google’s Pixel Fold Is Repairable With the Help of iFixit

Person holding the back of the Google Pixel Fold with the screen closed

While folding phones are getting more durable and usable with each release, fixing one yourself is still a daunting task. And while Samsung limits repairs to professionals, Google’s new Pixel Fold supports DIY repairs thanks to its partnership with iFixit, a first for a folding phone.

Yes, if you invest in the expensive and fancy Pixel Fold and something happens to break, you can source replacement parts and repair guides from iFixit. The repair company started working with Google in 2022 for regular Pixels, and now we’re learning it’ll extend to Google’s new foldable.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the news to 9to5Google, meaning buyers could potentially follow detailed repair guides from iFixit to replace a broken screen, charging ports, replace a battery, and more.

Furthermore, you’ll get official tools and authentic spare parts, which is a big deal in the repair space. That said, Google still suggests owners go through a professional, especially on such a unique, expensive device. Google offers walk-in and mail-in repair services, but it’s good to know you can take the DIY route if you dare.

Even more impressive is that the screen repair includes the outer and inner folding display. However, folding phones released thus far are difficult to repair, so we’ll have to wait and see what the process looks like. Grab a shiny new Pixel Fold from the link below, and rest easy knowing it’s repairable.

via 9to5Google

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