Here’s Why the iPhone 15 Pro Might Be Unusually Lightweight

Here’s Why the iPhone 15 Pro Might Be Unusually Lightweight

Later this year, Apple will launch the iPhone 15 lineup and make an absurd amount of money. But when you finally buy the iPhone 15 Pro and pull it out of the box, you may notice something strange—rumor has it that this phone will weigh a lot less than its predecessor.

A new report from Patently Apple states that the iPhone 15 Pro will use a titanium alloy frame, rather than the stainless steel frame used in previous models. We’ve heard whispers of this rumor for some time, but Patently Apple claims that “two new supply chain reports” are evidence of the upgrade.

Titanium matches the strength of stainless steel, but it’s more than 40% lighter. In fact, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals. Apple could significantly reduce the iPhone 15 Pro’s weight by switching to a titanium frame—something that a lot of people would appreciate, especially those who buy the larger Pro Max model.

However, this is just a rumor. And even if Apple is buying a ton of titanium, it may not be utilized in the iPhone. All of the products in Apple’s catalog may benefit from titanium components, including the upcoming Vision Pro headset. Not to mention, the Apple Watch Ultra already uses titanium.

If Apple sticks to tradition, the iPhone 15 series should debut this fall. A mid-September announcement seems likely, with orders shipping about two weeks later.

Source: Patently Apple via TechRadar

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