Latest Android Auto Updates Leave Users Disconnected

Latest Android Auto Updates Leave Users Disconnected

Car console running Android Auto

Last year, Google introduced several improvements to Android Auto through the “Coolwalk” update. But Coolwalk is notorious for introducing new bugs to users’ cars. And now, a growing number of users say that their phones won’t stay connected to Android Auto.

These problems appear to have begun in May, and they have persisted over several weeks. As reported by 9to5Google, users on both Google’s support form and the Android Auto subreddit say that their phone randomly disconnects from Android Auto after a recent update. Some users complain that they can’t connect to Android Auto at all.

Affected users have narrowed the problem down to three versions of Android Auto— versions 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6. Some users say that rolling back to version 9.3 resolves the issue, though Review Geek can’t confirm this, and it may be easier to just wait for a fix from Google.

Note that both wired and wireless Android Auto connections are affected by this bug. Buying a wireless Android Auto dongle probably won’t fix the problem. (That said, randomly disconnecting from Android Auto can also be a sign that your USB cable, or your phone’s USB port, is damaged.)

If you’re experiencing problems with the latest Android Auto updates, you can try rolling back to version 9.3. But I suggest that you patiently wait for a fix from Google. For reference, Google hasn’t made any statements about this particular issue.

Source: Google Support and r/AndroidAuto via 9to5Google

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