Pixel 7a Appears in Teardown Video Ahead of Release

Pixel 7a Appears in Teardown Video Ahead of Release

Holding the Google Pixel 7 outside.

All signs point to Google launching its new Pixel 7a smartphone and Pixel tablet next week, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from flowing in. Google has not officially confirmed its new budget phone, but we already see hands-on videos and a full teardown surfacing on YouTube.

For whatever reason, Google can’t seem to stop leaks from emerging. That’s likely why it announced the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet months ahead of time in early 2022 and why the company already unveiled the upcoming Pixel Fold. It’s trying to beat all the leaks to the punch.

As expected, Google is preparing to release a follow-up to the Pixel 6a that closely resembles the Pixel 7 series. We’re expecting a similar overall package starting around $449. Before being announced or released, the popular teardown channel PBKreviews on Youtube has the Pixel 7a.

The video gives us a pretty clear look at the back plastic housing, the 64MP rear camera, all the insides, and how easy it is to disassemble Google’s upcoming phone. And while some may think these teardown videos are odd, it helps savvy users fix broken phones themselves instead of buying a replacement.

For example, PBKreviews shows how the front display is easy to remove and replace without tearing into the entire phone. That’s helpful, considering screen repairs are the most common type of job. The back isn’t attached with any ribbon cables, making for a relatively easy repair job.

And while we don’t learn much about the software, battery life, or upgraded cameras from the teardown, it’s still interesting to watch. The upcoming Pixel 7a is very similar to the Pixel 6a, with minor upgrades to align it better with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro from late last year.

We expect the Pixel 7a to be announced and go up for pre-order next week on May 10th at Google’s annual developer event. So, stay tuned for more details.

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