This $40 USB-C Adapter Can Add Two Monitors to Your Laptop

This $40 USB-C Adapter Can Add Two Monitors to Your Laptop

When you need to do a lot of multitasking, a laptop can occasionally feel a bit cramped. Setting up a dedicated desk space with additional monitors can help, and now there’s a new adapter just for the job.

Plugable has announced a new adapter that gives you two HDMI outputs from a single USB Type-A cable. The only hardware requirement is a computer with USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, or USB4 port in addition to DisplayPort 1.4 support, and that’s it — just hook up your monitors to your laptop and enjoy the increased screen real estate.

Plugable USB C to HDMI Adapter for Dual Monitors, 4K 60Hz USB C Hub for Windows and Chromebook, Driverless

Plugable made this dongle so you can plug in two monitors in your laptop, using just one USB-C port. Pretty neat.

It uses Alt Mode graphics and an MST chip to drive two independent displays out of your laptop’s single USB-C port. This makes it very simple to use, ensuring it doesn’t require any setup at all. It even supports HDCP, ensuring that even if you want to stream content from Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming platforms, you’ll be able to do so with no problems at all.

This simple dongle will set you back $39.95, and if you buy it today, you’ll be able to grab a $2 off coupon for it, so make sure to buy it now if you’re all about that multitasking lifestyle.

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