Nokia Has a New Logo

Nokia Has a New Logo

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Nokia has shifted a lot over the decades. You might know it for its Android phones, or the Windows phones before that, or the legendary feature phones before that. But one thing has remained the same: the logo. Now, it’s changing.

Nokia has announced a brand-new logo ahead of MWC 2023, changing both its iconic typeface and the iconic shade of blue that has been associated with the company for decades. And when we say decades, we mean more than half a century. The previous logo was first introduced in 1966 when Nokia merged with two other Finnish corporations. There have been minor changes to the logo over that 57-year period, but it has mostly remained the same. This, though, is the first time we’re seeing an actual, big logo change from the company.


According to Nokia, this logo change reflects a big change of strategy for the company. The previous logo had been used in a lot of things — that logo actually predates Nokia’s shift into phones, so it could be seen on everything from computers to TVs and even rubber boots and tires.

So why the new logo? According to CEO Pekka Lundmark, the new logo reflects who Nokia is today, a “business-to-business technology innovation leader pioneering the future where networks meet cloud.” The company’s previous logo is largely associated with phones, but Nokia itself doesn’t make phones anymore — current Android phones are made by HMD Global, a company that licenses the brand from the Nokia company.

If you’re finding the new logo a bit off-putting, it’s because the company is intentionally ridding itself of that nostalgia factor to help move on to other ventures. However, it’s not clear yet if HMD Global will adopt the new design for its Android phones, since nostalgia is one of HMD’s reasons for using the Nokia name in the first place. HMD Global revealed a number of low-end Nokia phones a few days ago with the old logo, and is still using the old branding at its booth this week at Mobile World Congress.

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